Swim N Play D8 NB 12852SPSP Deluxe 8000 12 Ft x 8 Ft x 52" Slim Style Oval

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The Deluxe 8000 above ground pool offers an enamel painted galvanized steel frame with an added textured Crystex clear coating for extra protection. This high quality pool frame is built to ensure many years of fun. 

  •  8" Crystex coated steel Ledges
  •  6" Crystex coated steel Verticals
  •  2 piece molded resin top covers
  •  Molded resin bottom covers
  •  Painted steel top and bottom plates
  •  Painted steel top and bottom rails

Stainless steel hardware for extended life and high strength steel fasteners where required.

52 or 54 inch hot-dipped galvanized steel wall with several layers or treatment and strengthen with deep corrugation. A clear Crystex sealant gives extra protection to the outer wall and a weather resistant Epoxy Shield safeguards the back. 

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